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Kamala You Are The Model For Immigrants

In the early 1970’s when I first arrived in America from Taipei, it was the end of the Vietnam war. My first stop was the city of Berkeley in the San Francisco Bay area. In a letter that I wrote to my parents, I said, “Mom and Dad, I am here in a different world. I have seen a lot of people demonstrating in the streets, many homeless and antiwar people against the government. But I could see in their faces they still had self-confidence.”

Kamala Harris was just an infant at that time. When she became the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, she spoke out and was so proud of her ethnic background – her father is from Jamaica and her mother is from India. During the Vietnam war period, most of the young people supported the antiwar movement, including her parents. After President Johnson signed the immigration bill, hundreds of thousands of young students and regular people could now come to America. Here they started their new lives in this great land and devoted their lifetime efforts to fight for the future. There are so many successful immigrant stories in America.

We are so proud that Kamala Harris is one of America’s most successful immigrant stories and has become one of the most outstanding citizens in the country. Her story teaches all immigrants that everybody needs to just have confidence. She has set a very good example for many of us including the next generation.

This November, the presidential election should bring such an important change for our nation. Let us all hope this will be the case. God bless America.

     移民儿女 光宗耀祖

七十年代初期,我隻身从台北抵达美国首站就是旧金山湾区的柏克莱市那时越战已结束街上及公园𥚃都住有许多反战的嬉皮份子我在抵达后的第一封家书中曾禀告父母亲说儿已安抵美国,睁眼目睹的是另一个世界, 街上到处是游行人群 但每一个人似乎都充满着非常自信的面孔。”贺锦丽正是那个时代的女婴, 她成為美国民主党副总统候选人之后, 从未掩饰她是牙买加移民父亲及印度裔母亲之背景她并以此為荣 共和党还质疑她是否是真正的美国人, 这简直是个笑话, 这根本就是歧视移民之心态。

一九六五年,一名来自印度南部的大学生郭帕拉进入加州大学柏克莱分校主修医学,和来自牙买加的年轻人哈里斯相遇相爱而生下了贺锦丽, 这对年青学子正碰上美国反战大游行, 他们手推婴儿车在柏克莱大街上参加了反战队伍, 那年也是詹森总统正式签署《移民法案》, 准许成千上万的世界各地学生及难民入境, 贺锦丽的父母不久离异这位短小精干只有五呎高的单亲妈妈一手把两个女儿拉拔长大在她对母亲之回忆中, 她是一位对子女管教甚严且教导她们不要对社会之不公去抱怨,唯有面对困难去解决贺锦丽在单亲妈妈之精神感召下从小就以坚定意志从律到检查长再成為参议员如今才五十五岁就被选為副总统候选人, 这个传奇故事只有发生在美国。

美国是个移民国家, 千千万万来自全球的学生和移民, 前仆后继涌至这块土地而成為美国人, 我们所追求之美好生活是建立在勤劳努力向上基础上成功绝不是偶然。

今天贺锦丽站上了世界舞台, 她的成就激励和感动了多少移民子女我们终於当家做主, 我们共同欢呼并祝国运昌隆!