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美国新冠疫情日记 0905

美国新冠疫情日记 0905

Professor Esther Lee Will Host Our TV Show

The 2020 Presidential election is less than sixty days away. This election will definitely influence the future of the world. 

We are ready to invite the best speakers to discuss the topics on our daily television show. One of them is professor Esther Lee. She was an education professor at the University of Houston for many years. She is not just an educator. She is also a social activist who ran for the U.S. Congress and served in important posts in both the Reagan and Bush administrations. 

We are so happy that even though she is retired, she has agreed to come back to the television stage and talk about today’s politics.

Dr. Lee will be on our prime time schedule twice a week during our special report on the 2020 election. In the meantime, she will also talk about the culture impact this pandemic time has made on our families.

Dr. Lee is our leader. She came from Taiwan when she was very young. Later she became a professor, a politician and an author of many books. She has published her success story and really represents our generation of new immigrants. 

November 3, 2020, is such an important date for all of us as our nation is rapidly changing. It is in all our hands to be a part of that change and we all need to go out and vote. 



离开总统大选已经不到六十天,全世界之目光焦点美国 ,到底川普是否连任或拜登入主白宫, 都将导致对全球之影响。

美南新闻及电视将卯尽全力来报导大选之进展,為大家更进一步瞭解最新选情, 其中最让我们观眾期待之嘉宾是多年美南之友李恕信教授,她曾经是我们华裔最耀眼的政治人物, 她除了是位资深之教育专家教授以外,曾经在休士顿地区参选国会议员,在布希时代任职於美国联邦教育部, 并曾出版诸多着作, 如今她虽退休,但仍然活耀於社区义工服务。

此次李教授欣然接受我们之邀请,从下週起每週两次固定為大家主讲美国大选之选情分析, 并从她的经验和观察来谈中美两国国民之关係。

李教授是早期来美求学的台湾留学生,无论学术上之成就和参政经歷, 都是我们的表率。