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美国新冠疫情日记5/23/2020 Summer Season Is Here

美国新冠疫情日记5/23/2020  Summer Season Is Here

Summer Season Is Here

Millions of high school and college students conducted their graduation ceremonies through the internet last week. But the timing was different because we are facing the coronavirus pandemic.

Memorial Day is here. This is the day when we commemorate our military heroes who have lost their lives in so many wars. We also need to pay tribute to those fighting in the front lines of the coronavirus. These people are our heroes too!

Today the world is in turmoil. In the Mideast, Asia and the South China Sea – each could result into major military confrontation. In the economic war, countries are now using political power to pressure private industries to serve their political ambitions.

We are so sad to learn that the world’s largest car rental company Hertz has filed for bankruptcy. Rental cars now sit in parks the size of football stadiums; airlines just have only a few customers and the price of oil has dropped to the bottom. In just three months, our economy has turned upside down.

We urge the federal and local governments to call an emergency economic recovery meeting and invite private businesses to find more effective ways to recover our economy.

We are the country that has all the natural resources and all the energy and self-sufficiency with the most talented people that is needed.

We have full confidence we will overcome and will win the battle.




新冠病毒之侵害非常可怕,但是政客们错误之决定更险恶,我们要呼吁大家,这是我们共同觉醒的时候了,当今世界一团混乱, 从中东到亚洲有随时发生武装冲突的危险,在全球经济之版图上, 各国政府为了自己短暂利益,不惜对企业施压而为政治服务。

今晨见到世界最大的汽车出租公司赫斯宣告破产,巨大的足球场停满了无法出租的汽车,旅馆前门可罗雀 ,航空公司乘客大减,石油价格一落千丈,就在三个月内经济就全面下滑,这除了天灾以外,也有人祸之因素。