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Let Us Unite And Fight For Our Future

My dear brothers and sisters -

Hurricane Laura came to the Gulf of Mexico and made landfall from Houston to Lake Charles. One half million people from Port Arthur and the area of my hometown Beaumont were evacuated from their homes with the coronavirus pandemic still very active in this life-threatening time. We feel very sad and sorry about that. 

It has been more than one-half year that we have endured this difficult time that has brought so much pain into our lives. We still watch as many people continue to lose their lives. 

Our media team still stands in front of the news line to report the news to the community. We are witnessing so many sad stories in the front line. 

Today the Republican National Convention is still going on. We again saw many politicians speaking and making so many promises. How they can make these promises a reality is still the big question. 

We chose America as our home. We are so thankful we can be citizens of this great nation. No matter what happens, we need to be united and hold our hands together and fight for a better tomorrow.

   同舟共济 勇往直前


正逢罗拉颱风席捲墨西哥海湾在德州休斯敦到路易士安那州查理港之间五十多万人进行紧急避难逃生, 在我们当年上研究所母校拉马大学及阿瑟港市 目暏成千上万的居民搭车逃离 加上严重的新冠疫情 真是令人心酸难过的场面。

疫情已经超过半年之久, 大家都饱受煎熬和折磨, 更令我们难过的是, 这种煎熬的日子何时结束。

我们在新闻岗位上坚守岗位的工作伙伴这段日子来也真是感触特深每天看到那多冰冷死亡人数, 代表了多少家庭失去的亲友。

在太平洋彼岸, 有多少幸灾乐祸的所谓电视名嘴 每天在挑拨是非, 唯恐天下不乱, 他们的居心何在?

全国共和党大会召开之际 台上充斥着许多华丽演说, 我们这位非传统的国家领导人, 不知要带我们走向何处, 民主党给选民之承诺是否可以实现, 也是未定之天, 所谓选贤与能实在难以实现。


风雨交加, 许多人被迫离家避难 加上病毒之继续猖獗 我们感到无比的难过 希望大家保重 譲我们携手共进 克服困难, 明天一定会更好。

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