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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/04

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/04



 今晨我们前往距休斯敦百英里外的德州小镇-安德森,探望多年好友艾勒 并祝贺他多年亲手建造之木屋乔迁之喜。


 艾勒在他佔地三亩多的新屋中欢迎我们的到来,这可是一个自已亲手DIY 建造的大木屋,从原始大树锯成木材,设计下水道,安装空调厨房全由自己包办,由於自己已经在建筑房屋公司工作多年,这是他的专业和兴趣,在他坚持数年之不断努力,今天终於入住。


我们座在富有德州风格的大沙发上,他指着电视抱怨说, 我最近根本不看电视了,因為政客们把我们的生活步调搞乱了,物价飞涨,地税增加,老百姓们不再信赖他们的谎言。


 回家的路上我一直在想,美国社会真是两个世界,艾勒可以不问时事 在他所建的木屋后院, 观看夕阳日落,真是人生幸福的写照了。

We All Need To Live In Hope

We often call Autumn the season of the year between summer and winter when the temperature gradually decreases, the leaves fall from the trees and the temperature transitions between summer heat and winter cold.

I was walking through my backyard where many trees are changing their colors to red or brown and suddenly I felt a deep sadness as  many tragedies passed through my mind.

In the last twenty months the world has really turned upside down because of the Covid-19. We lost many of our dear friends, brothers and sisters. They lost the battle with the coronavirus and many families lost their loved ones or their businesses which they had  built up over their lifetime.

Dear brothers and sisters, we still need to live in hope. Hope can erode when we perceive a threat to our way of life and these days all of us face plenty of uncertainty out there.

All of us need to have hope even when there is no hope. People can’t picture a desired end to their struggles and they lose their motivation to endure.

According to research at Harvard, they found that those with more hope throughout their lives had better physical health, better health behaviors, better social support and longer lives.

Today we live in a very chaotic world. Many things are uncertain. 

We need to make our minds stronger every day and always look for more hope to help each other fight for a better future.