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There are many quality schools vying for your trust. Choose wisely! It should come down to a couple of very basic questions: Is this a school where I can succeed and acquire the skills that will make a difference in my life? Is this the best school for me? Over 34 years ago we pioneered a method of instruction known as Computer Based Training. Thousands of students later, we remain the nation’s leader in computerized career training. Ours is a system that works. We are truly a school designed for adults of all ages – one in which every student can expect to succeed. While not all of our programs rely completely on CBT as the method of instruction, our commitment to the success of each student is a common thread. Studies have shown that students learning through Computer Based Training are likely to learn 1/3 more in 1/3 less time, and at a lower cost than through other forms of learning. In addition, here is a sampling of what enables our students to succeed – not only in the classroom, but in the workplace: